Research & Development

Innovation and growth are core strategies at BITUNIL, making Research & Development a key component of our overall success.

Our R&D comprises the dedicated minds undertaking the challenge to develop products that create value for our customers worldwide and to allow BITUNIL to stay at the lead of Modified Bitumen Membranes industry globally. In BITUNIL, R&D is geared up to meet the particular needs of the construction industry with different & challenging environmental conditions, nationally & internationally.

 R&D is also on a continuous mission to enhance BITUNIL competitiveness, by optimizing the utilization of the raw materials & the manufacturing processes, to achieve both cost reduction & quality sustainability while complying with the designed level of performance and product service life.

The BITUNIL Research & Development staff is proud to adopt the ultimate safety, health and environmentally approved practices to support the company's continued efforts in providing the industry with environmentally friendly new products, as well as development of products and solutions for special applications. They continue to introduce complimentary products, compatible with our roofing & waterproofing systems, such as bituminous coatings, protection boards and self-adhesive membranes.

BITUNIL has invested in its fully equipped R&D labs and is relentlessly upgrading its technical knowledge, realizing that the continuous development of our products keeps us steps ahead of the competition, and better prepared to meet the challenges that lay ahead in the upcoming era.


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